中英文对照:Does it matter if Lim Chin Siong was a communist? 林清祥即便是一个共产党员又咋啦?


作者:张素兰  Teo Soh Lung

林清祥 2-page-001               justice now

PM Lee Hsien Loong’s observation of the Battle for Merger exhibition (https://www.facebook.com/leehsienloong) is just an attempt to defend his father’s wrong doing.

For more than half a century, Singaporeans have been told that communists were dangerous people and that they indulged in violence. The government conveniently omit to tell us that it was the communists who fought and died for Malaya (which included Singapore) during World War II and that Chin Peng was honoured by our colonial master soon after the war.

The CPM was the first anti-colonial organisation and not the PAP. If Lim Chin Siong and his friends were communists, they were also the founding members of the PAP. They fought alongside the PAP and helped it win the general election in 1959. Without them, where will the PAP be today?

Lee Kuan Yew had worked with Lim Chin Siong and other alleged communists who he later expelled from the PAP. Lee should know and not just allege that Lim Chin Siong and his friends were communists who advocated violence and instigated riots. He should have charged them in open court and produce evidence to secure their convictions. The PAP should not be cowards by simply claiming immunity from prosecution by using the Preservation of Public Security Ordinance and later, the Internal Security Act.

In my conversations with the late Dr Lim Hock Siew, Dr Lim repeatedly said that his party, the Barisan Sosialis believed and took the constitutional path in challenging the PAP. They were confident of winning the 1963 general election and had taken steps to avoid giving any opportunity for the PAP to accuse them of creating trouble. They even cancelled a National Day rally in 1962. Dr Lim in answering a question from the audience in 2011 said:

“… on 3 June 1962, we wanted to celebrate National Day, PAP came into power on 3 June 1959. We were given permission with lots of conditions. You could not speak on this or that or they would come and interfere. We knew if we held that rally, there would be provocation from the PAP and there would be trouble. Then they would use that to suppress us. So we had a last-minute cancellation of that rally.


To that extent, we were very restrained. We wanted to preserve our strength for the general election.”

Such restraint was deliberately not appreciated by the PAP and the British because they knew the Barisan would win the election if the leaders were not put behind bars.

Operation Coldstore took place on 2 Feb 1963. One hundred and thirty three law abiding members of opposition parties, including Lim Chin Siong who were looking forward to the general election that year, were arrested and imprisoned without trial, many for decades. This surely is the most shameful part of the PAP history. That operation wiped out a credible opposition for which Singapore is still suffering today. Incidentally, Operation Coldstore is not listed in the “Timeline of Events” at the Battle for Merger exhibition.

The general election was held on 21 Sept 1963, seven months after Operation Coldstore. The PAP need not brag about its victory for we all know what they did.

 “What we need to know is whether Lim Chin Siong and his colleagues committed any acts of violence and acted against the interest of Singapore.”

But honestly, I don’t care if Lim Chin Siong was a communist or a CPM member. After all, the PAP does lots of business with communist Russia and China.

What we need to know is whether Lim Chin Siong and his colleagues committed any acts of violence and acted against the interest of Singapore. The PAP government has never disclosed any evidence proving that Lim Chin Siong instigated any violence. The PAP repeatedly blamed the communists for causing riots, even for those racial riots that took place during the time when Singapore was part of Malaysia and after separation, when all the opposition leaders were still in prison. Why does the PAP refuse to admit that the riots had nothing to do with the so called communists? Their intention is clear, to cast blame on the communists and instil fear on the people of Singapore.

Lim Chin Siong was incarcerated without trial both by the British and the Lim Yew Hock government (26 Oct 1956 – 4 Jun 1959) and the PAP government (2 Feb 1963 – Sept  1969). I understand he suffered severe depression in prison and was exiled to Britain in 1969. His career as a promising political leader (many think that he was better than Lee Kuan Yew) was terminated by the ruthless and violent acts of the British and the PAP. And Lim Chin Siong was not the only victim of the PAP. Many others – Dr Chia Thye Poh, Dr Lim Hock Siew, Ho Piao, Lee Tee Tong, Said Zahari, Dr Poh Soo Kai and many more were imprisoned without trial for decades by the PAP.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong should follow the example of President Obama who investigated the CIA and made public the report of unlawful imprisonment and torture committed on captured prisoners at Guantanamo. Open up the archives of the ISD and search for the truth instead of simply believing what the ISD and his father tell him.

Convene an independent Commission of Inquiry while his father is alive, produce all documents justifying the imprisonment without trial of thousands of Singaporeans and exiles and let his father’s victims tell their side of history. We do not have much time, for the number of victims of Operation Coldstore is fast dwindling. Dr Poh Soo Kai is already in his 80s. I strongly urge the prime minister to act speedily and fairly, and not simply rely on the ISD to tell the history of Singapore.

 林清祥 2-page-001              justice now


















Teo Soh Lung

* Ms Teo Soh Lung graduated from the Univ of Singapore with a Bachelor of Laws (LLB Hons) in 1973 and served her pupillage under the late David Marshall. In 1981, she set up her own law firm in Aljunied and in 1985, she co-founded the Law Society Criminal Legal Aid Scheme which offers free legal assistance for criminal cases to the poor and needy members of the public.

Ms Teo also chaired a sub-committee under the Law Society which reviewed the Legal Profession Amendment Bill. One of the amendments to the bill had sought to take away the duty of the Law Society to comment on legislation. She called an EGM of the Society which overwhelmingly passed a motion calling on the government to withdraw the bill. Shortly after, she was subpoenaed to appear before a Parliamentary Select Committee and was vigorously questioned by then PM Lee Kuan Yew. She steadfastly defended her stand and the Law Society. She was subsequently elected as a member of the Council of the Law Society.

Some months later, in May 1987, she was arrested and detained without trial under the ISA together with the others for purported involvement in a conspiracy to overthrow the Govt by force and replace it with a Marxist state. She was released after 4 months but was imprisoned again in 1988 for refuting the government’s allegations against her. She was finally released in June 1990.

Soh Lung published her memoir Beyond the Blue Gate: Recollections of a Political Prisoner in 2010 and was one of the editors of Our Thoughts Are Free: Poems and Prose on Imprisonment and Exile in 2009.

She is also a founding member of Function 8 (https://fn8org.wordpress.com), an initiative by a group of citizens who believe that there is a need to facilitate the sharing of social, political and economic experiences of those who had, or are eager to contribute to society through reflection and civic discussion. Function 8 hopes to restart the process of critical thinking, rejuvenate the staleness of a society based on economic expediency and reclaim the human dignity and freedom which is the basis of our humanity.

Editor’s note: Ms Teo is right. Being a member of a group does not necessary mean the person endorses the actions of the group.

For example, Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong revealed in his interviews for the SPH publication “Men in White: The Untold Stories of the PAP” that former National Development Minister S. Dhanabalan left the Cabinet in 1992 because he was not comfortable with the way the PAP had dealt with the “Marxist Conspiracy” in 1987.

 “At that time, given the information, he was not fully comfortable with the action we took… he felt uncomfortable and thought there could be more of such episodes in the future… he’d better leave the Cabinet. I respected him for his view,” Mr Goh said.

Mr Dhanabalan said his reason for quitting some 12 years later, was one of conviction. “My philosophy is one where I need to have complete conviction about some key policies and if I have differences, it doesn’t mean I am against the group……but I have to try and live with myself if I have some disagreements on some things,” he said.

So, who to say that Mr Lim Chin Siong did not fall out with the CPM later over the ways to bring Singapore forward。


张素兰小姐毕1973 年业于新加坡国立大学法学硕士(LLB),并在1981年在已故马绍尔律下完成实习。在1981年,她在阿裕尼设立了自己的律师事务所。她是律师公会刑事法律援助计划的的共同创立者。这个援助计划是为那些在刑事法律下的贫穷者和需要援助的人士提供免费的法律援助。


几个月后,在9875月。她和其他人在内部安全法令下不经审讯被拘留了。他们被据说是涉及一项要通过武力推翻(行动党)政府和以马克思主义建立新政府的阴谋。4 个月后她被释放.。由于她拒绝了政府的指控,在1988年她又再一次被捕。她在1990年终于被释放了。

张素兰小姐在2010年出版了她的回忆录;《跨越蓝色大门:一名政治被拘留者的回忆》the Blue Gate: Recollections of a Political Prisoner)。她也是《我们的思想是自由的:2009年在监牢和被放逐的诗歌和散文》(Our Thoughts Are Free: Poems and Prose on Imprisonment and Exile in 2009.)的编辑之一。

她同时也是‘功能八’组织的发起人之一。这个组织上由一群公民所发起组织的。组织的成员相信,有必要让那些有社会、政治和经济经验的人与大家一同分享。或者期望通过沉思和公民讨论为社会做出贡献。(Function 8 (https://fn8org.wordpress.com)‘功能八’希望能够重新开始进行批判性的思维,把一个基于经济私利的腐败社会恢复过来和在人道主义的基础上恢复认可度尊严和自由的人性。







冷藏行动中文版              新书:1963年冷藏箱的50周年



6 thoughts on “中英文对照:Does it matter if Lim Chin Siong was a communist? 林清祥即便是一个共产党员又咋啦?

  1. In summary, Lee Kuan Yew frequently denounced communism as being part of conspiracy of genocide, crimes of torture and crimes against humanity .

    One day, his family will be punished

    • since 50 years ago, LKY was a crime! He tough that what ever he had in 50 years ago will be totally covering under the carpet ! the book was lunched , whatever he had done were completely exposed.

  2. hope the author of this book will win the Nobel Prize, Let the whole world know a criminal Lee Kuan Yew

  3. 已过了50年, 多少人还记得还关心这个历史的真实性。

    报章还报导政府及官员反驳傅树楷的言沦,但并没刊登傅树楷做对照,总之傅的言沦是假的, 不可在报章刊裁。所以绝大多数人相信政府讲的是真的。


  4. 李光耀這個老妖,假扮崇尚孔子,做戲一流。 實為希特勒一般的习惯性虐待狂杀人狂贪得无厌狂, 公布实例于世,令其妖魔现形, 还新加坡历史真相 . 受迫害的家属後代需要召開大會, 聯合组建”还我家园”討伐活動, 上一代的債,下一代負責追討, 要求現任法院李氏政府賠償精神被摧殘, 家園被奪走的一切損失費. 去妖魔,要家園, ,要道歉,要賠償。

  5. 谩骂有何义意?


    不需耍谩骂, 有什么实际行动来证实冷藏行动真实历史?





    根据宇宙定律,自然法则–作用与反作用,因果律, 他的功劳很大会得好的报应 ; 若冷藏行动真的造成很多冤狱, 那这一般人总有一天耍承担这些恶的果报,若不向他们忏悔赔偿。



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